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Seven heroes, seven fighting styles. Dive into the Abyss and explore their silent world.

One day, a terrible calamity struck a peaceful kingdom. In the chaos that followed, the people began to deceive and backstab each other. Their King used his powerful magic to steal away people’s ability to speak and hurled himself into the Abyss. His daughter, the Princess, cried an endless flood of tears until they encased her in a giant crystal teardrop.

Many years after these events faded to memory, seven rainbow-colored lights flew from the Abyss. These rays of hope appeared before the Princess manifesting themselves as seven heroes, ready to answer the Princess’ call for help. Why did the King abandon his daughter and his people? And why did he steal their ability to speak?

◆Seven Heroes, Seven Unique Fighting Styles
Choose from a motley crew of characters like the well-rounded Wanderer, long-range specialist Archer, or heavy-hitting Warrior to find whose skills suit your playstyle, and embrace new roles and abilities as you gain more experience. Use crystals found throughout the Abyss to switch characters or return to Base Camp.

◆A Home at the Edge of the World
Find new recipes and materials and return to your Base Camp at the edge of The Abyss, where each character has a unique job. From alchemist to blacksmith to cook, each hero brings something different.

◆Engaging Exploration and Dungeon-Crawling
Experience a new layout each time you enter the enigmatic Abyss, keeping you on your toes every moment you explore, and look out for Memory Rifts, where greater rewards — and challenges — await.

◆A Vibrant Storybook Aesthetic
The Princess narrates each step of your journey, giving the feeling of a fairy tale come to life — right down to the dark mysteries waiting to be uncovered in the visually stunning underworld.

Release dateOctober 3, 2023
No. of playersSingle System (1)
PublisherMarvelous (XSEED)
ESRB ratingEveryone 10+
Supported play modesTV mode, Tabletop mode, Handheld mode
Game file size1.9 GB
Supported languagesEnglish, French, German, Japanese, Simplified Chinese, Spanish, Traditional Chinese
©2023 Marvelous Inc.


Silent Hope brings classic isometric JRPG dungeon crawling into the modern age with its adorable characters, slick combat, and heartfelt narrative about protecting the people we love. The seven protagonists and hundreds of potential load-outs offer endless ways to play and replay this magical story.

Pocket Tactics

Silent Hope is an outstanding dungeon crawler and one of the few on the market that are easy to recommend for players either burned by prior games or who are completely new to the genre. Having so many different kinds of characters to play as keeps every run fresh and encourages the player to not only keep trying with another run, but do so with a different character with every failure to see if their outcome changes. It controls wonderfully across the board with responsive button commands and accurate stick movements. It looks good enough too, with a consistent framerate and a complete lack of slowdown and should be a must-buy for anyone looking to get into dungeon crawlers or who wants to experience one that emphasizes player fun over pure loot.

Hardcore Gamer

Silent Hope is an action RPG that will likely be overlooked due to the sheer quantity and quality of 2023’s video game releases. Still, if you’re yearning for a more low-stakes adventure that manages to remain fulfilling across brief play sessions, then this title is an ideal pick-up. The engaging progression systems, weight-filled combat, and addictive, varied gameplay loop make Silent Hope a delightful adventure.

Noisy Pixel

Silent Hope seems like a simple premise, but it is executed beautifully. The level of challenge is just right, the loot that is picked up with each run gives a very satisfying feeling, and the story is a journey, not only in what happened within this kingdom but also an exploration of mental health and pride. It truly becomes a dungeon crawler with hidden depths as the philosophy behind the story comes into play and the need to know more of what happened drives players to want to keep going and try to get a little further. Silent Hope is truly a well-crafted experience that offers much more than meets the eye.

Screen Rant

Regardless of its outward simplicity and colourful art style, Silent Hope is a really fun, rewarding and likable game.

God is a Geek

Silent Hope isn’t going to light your world on fire or anything, but if you enjoy a good dungeon crawl action-RPG, it’s assuredly worth looking into. Its lack of any immediate fancy flourishes might make it seem forgettable at first, but give it time to unfold a little and I think you’ll appreciate the finer details of its design. It’s the kind of game that is all too easy to slip in and out of, and I like to keep at least a few games like that living on my Switch at all times.



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