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Tifalia’s comfortable life is turned upside down upon a chance encounter with the performers of CIRCUS. Their lack of success leads them to recruit her as their producer to help them on the road.

Will this fanciful group bring joy to the people and free the Prince of their world from his curse? Or are they doomed to failure?

Release dateJuly 27, 2023
No. of playersSingle System (1)
PublisherAksys Games
ESRB ratingTeen
Supported play modesTV mode, Tabletop mode, Handheld mode
Game file size6 GB
Supported languagesEnglish
©2023 IDEA FACTORY/DESIGN FACTORY All rights reserved. Licensed to and published by Aksys Games.


Radiant Tale presents an admirable and enjoyable fantasy romance narrative. It might not be original, but the game does what it sets out to do, both successfully and entertainingly. Radiant Tale is another top-quality otome title on the Nintendo Switch, sure to put a smile on the faces of genre enthusiasts. Without further ado, let’s get on with the show!


If you’ve always wanted to fall in love with circus boys then Radiant Tale is the Otome for you, with charming characters and a wonderful setting.

God is a Geek

Radiant Tale was an absolute treat to play. The fantasy elements that it introduced were properly utilized, and besides a few translation issues, it had a well-paced narrative that didn’t drag itself out and properly ties the knot on its main plot points. While the romance does take a bit of a backseat, all of its characters are unique and well-written, so if you were looking for a good otome game for this Summer, then why not watch as CIRCUS perform their number for you?

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