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Revisit the first two Pikmin games on the Nintendo Switch™ system!

Reintroduce yourself to the plantlike Pikmin and strategic gameplay that this charming series is rooted in. From finding a way home to collecting treasure, Olimar (plus Louie in the Pikmin 2 game) must partner with a parade of Pikmin to survive the harshest of conditions. Both games support optional motion controls for more options when guiding your floral friends.

Find your way home in the original Pikmin-plucking adventure

Meet Captain Olimar and a capable cast of red, blue, and yellow Pikmin on a dire mission across a larger-than-life planet. Olimar must guide his loveably-leafy companions through obstacles, in battle, and when collecting his missing ship parts.

Meet even more Pikmin (and Louie) on a treasure-hunting expedition

Swap between Olimar and Louie to divide and conquer in Pikmin 2. Tasked with helping pay off their employer’s debt, the pint-sized pair teams up with Pikmin (including purple and white Pikmin) to collect treasure on…you guessed it…a strange planet. Time ticks away on the surface, but cave systems let you take your time to let your strategy blossom.

Release dateJune 21, 2023
No. of playersSingle System (1-2)
GenreAction, Adventure, Strategy
ESRB ratingEveryone 10+
Supported play modesTV mode, Tabletop mode, Handheld mode
Game file size2.1 GB
Supported languagesEnglish, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Spanish
© Nintendo.


Pikmin 1+2 is a pleasant return to the past in 2023 necessary to further extend the lore around one of the most curious and interesting Nintendo franchises of recent years. Strong and powerful from a playful point of view, it is also satisfying from a technical point of view. Must have absolutely.

The Games Machine

Both Pikmin and Pikmin 2 are two classic games that every strategy games fan should experience. With their high definition graphics and quality of life enhancements, these are the best versions of both titles to date.


Pikmin 1+2 are bare bones remasters of the first tow Pikmin games, but they are pretty good new versions in HD. We’ve loved to see some extras, but they are great games none the less.


The Switch release of Pikmin 1+2 doesn’t mark enough of an improvement on prior versions of the games to be a definitive upgrade, but copies of the first two titles on both GameCube and Wii have skyrocketed in value over the years. For those who aren’t double-dipping, nothing about the HD renditions should prove a major turn-off as a way to play the games for a comparatively reasonable price. Although the lack of any new content or major overhauls prevents Pikmin 1+2 from standing out on its own, a competent package of two masterpieces still proves to be a worthy release.

Screen Rant

This pack demonstrates why the two original games were so groundbreaking at their time. It stands the test of time well, although some gameplay issues have been perfected in Pikmin 3 (and promise to be even better in Pikmin 4).

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