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Experience both cult classic JRPGs with content true to the Japanese originals!

Join Chou-Chou and her motley crew as they journey across the galaxy subjugating each world’s most powerful heroes! In this bundle, you’ll get the complete and definitive experience of Mugen Souls and its sequel Mugen Souls Z for Nintendo Switch™. Both cult classic JRPGs are updated with content true to their original Japanese release including hot springs mini games and gallery images, plus all prior extras and full English support for text and voiceovers!

In Mugen Souls, take command of the G-Castle as “Undisputed God” Chou-Chou and shift between multiple moe forms to woo your enemies into becoming your peons! Then in Mugen Souls Z, control new “Ultimate Goddess” Syrma after she inadvertently absorbs most of Chou-Chou’s powers and team up with both returning friends and fresh faces as you attempt to stop an ancient evil threatening the galaxy. Each game features strategic turn-based combat on free roaming 3D battle maps, ship battles, vibrant worlds to explore and a wealth of character customization options!


• Explore and subjugate a wide variety of colorful worlds!
• Join Chou-Chou and her crew in 2 complete cult classic JRPGs.
• Engage in strategic turn-based combat on free roaming battle maps!
• Command the G-Castle in ship battles between worlds.
• Enjoy content true each game’s Japanese release including hot springs mini games.
• Customize party members and create your own original peons!

Release dateSeptember 14, 2023
ESRB ratingMature
Game file size9.5 GB
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