Hyrule Warriors: Definitive Edition

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Save Hyrule on your TV—or on the go!

Cut down enemy hordes as Legend of Zelda™ characters—in full 1080p TV mode—or in two-player on one system! Link and Zelda can battle in costumes from the Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild game, while Tetra and King Daphnes appear in scenes based on the Legend of Zelda™: The Wind Waker game. Find and care for fairies who will aid you in battle! All features and downloadable content from past versions of the game, including My Fairy mode and elements from The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker, can now be enjoyed in crisp HD on the Nintendo Switch™ system. This time, you won’t face the dark sorceress, Cia, alone. Command legendary heroes and villains in battle to achieve objectives as you unleash special attacks. Advance the story to unlock characters, each with their own moves and weapon types. Collect rupees and other items to upgrade weapons and craft badges, which bolster your warriors’ abilities. The fate of Hyrule rests in your hands!

Release dateMay 18, 2018
No. of playersSingle System (1-2)
ESRB ratingTeen
Supported play modesTV mode, Tabletop mode, Handheld mode
Game file size12.9 GB
Supported languagesEnglish, French, Spanish
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Those who have played the game on 3DS won’t find as much new content, but they may appreciate the much improved graphics and two-player mode. There aren’t many exclusive features for those looking to triple-dip, but having everything in one substantial and gorgeous package is enough to warrant considering playing the best version of this hack-and-slash game.


Hyrule Warriors Definitive Edition offers up a lot of content and does a great job of compelling players to unlock more of it. As long as everyone knows what they’re getting into though I would definitely recommend this game to fans of the Dynasty Warriors franchise regardless of their familiarity with Zelda. I’d also give a thumbs up to fans of the Zelda games that are into arcade-style action every now and again.


A superb portable Warriors experience with a shocking amount of quality content packed in.

God is a Geek

The Definitive Edition is the best way to play Hyrule Warriors. The collaboration with Nintendo has certainly contributed to the birth of one of the best exponents of the mosou genre, but the advice to buy must always be accompanied by the necessary warnings.

Eurogamer Italy

This is one of the most fleshed out and content-filled Warriors games I’ve seen in a long time, and even if you aren’t a Zelda fan, there’s still plenty here to charm you if you’re not turned off by the repetitive combat.



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